When Things Don't Change

I remember last winter and thinking about how cold it was and hoping that the season would eventually shift to spring time. However, if you remember – it seemed like winter lingered a couple of months too long.

I was absolutely miserable over the seasons lack of ability to change with some type of normalcy. 

This past week (October 2), the coolness began to arrive early. Of course, this is just the early onset of our beautiful fall weather. It felt very nice and the seasonal change was definitely welcomed. The bummer about this for me? Impending winter. 

Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) is something that I have found to be very real in my life. I get very depressed during the winter months and have to work very hard to keep from sinking deep. It's just part of the cycle. 

But isn't this the same thing with life? It seems that our winters – or the coldest seasons of life – are often prolonged. Sometimes it feels that things just won't change. We feel that a new season of life is nothing more than a hopeful encounter. We worry that our emotional, relational, and spiritual cycle just won't turn the corner. It often seem stuck in winter.  

But here's the truth: Seasons do change and so will your circumstance.

Did you know that the hardest, loneliest, coldest, most depressed season of your life often produces the greatest fruit in your life? It is so true. 

For me, I am learning to embrace the worst season - as badly as I do not want to - so that I can whole-heartendly celebrate and savor the best season.  

So today, I just wanted to remind you when you ask the question "why doesn't things change?"  They will. Just abide in Him as best as you know how. Remain close to Him as He is the One who cause new seasons to emerge. 

When God doesn't take us out of the season, he walks us through a season. He is with us and in us for all of life's winters. 

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The Rapture, Tennessee Football, & Lust

As you know - if and if you do not - my new book, Leader Lies has been released. I am so happy about this.

The book is all about the crazy things we lie about as christians, particularity as christian leaders. The purpose of the book is to also challenge cultures to be one of truth, honesty, and safety. 

With all my good intentions with this book, I still find that I lie about some things. So, I want to confess these to you all. If it does not help you, at least it will be good for the gossip circles. 

  1. I secretly do not believe in the rapture as I have understood it most of my life - and that is ok. I tend to stray away from my pre-trib friends who want to vehemently preach their eschatological stance. I do talk about it with close friends, but not everyone. So, now you know. And no, I will not engage on this topic. Its cool if you want to fly. This is not a salvation issue, so lets not make it one. Cool?
  2. I act like I do not like Tennessee Football. Yes, I am a die-hard Alabama fan (#rolltide) and always will be. But since I live in TN, I do like seeing the #bigorange rise back up into the SEC playing level. I have lived a lie about this for a couple years. This will be a good confidence boost for my church members as most are TN fans. 
  3. I hate politics. Wait...I've never lied about this, but I sure want everyone to know that my calling is the preach the good news, not the political news. And yes, I do think they should be separate. Again, not going to engage on this. Jesus loves you and me...let's leave it that way. 
  4. I struggle with lust like you would not believe. I act like I don't from time to time, but I do. It is one of the deepest struggles of my life. I have went through prayer lines, had prayer clothes, been anointed with oil, spoke in tongues, prophesied, and all - and this monkey on my back just won't go. But here is what I know: His grace is sufficient.
  5. I am awful with money. I struggle deeply with letting money control me. Me and Amber are pretty well set for life - if I can keep my job after these confessions... but nonetheless, the money that we do have has to be managed and stewarded better. You? 
  6. Sometimes I talk badly to my wife. I have even cursed at her. Nothing more to say here, other than I am a piece of crap for this. We are working through my issues. 
  7. I secretly want fame. That just made me nauseated telling you that. But it is true. No, I don't write books, blogs or whatever for fame. But I do struggle with not being able to speak on larger platforms and being more well known. I am working on this daily.  

There are a ton more, but I do not want to be depressed for the rest of the year, so I will wait till I work through these things. 

Oh, and I love Mountaineer football as well (the Bruntey's and England's will love this). I wished the USC Trojans and Florida Gators would disappear off the planet. And I despise Pro-Sports (Except for hockey), but I have been known to cheer for the Titans. See, I'm such a hypocrite. 

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He Knows You

John 20:15-16

15 Jesus said to her, “Woman, why are you weeping? Whom are you seeking?” Supposing him to be the gardener, she said to him, “Sir, if you have carried him away, tell me where you have laid him, and I will take him away.” 16 Jesus said to her, “Mary.” She turned and said to him in Aramaic, “Rabboni!” (which means Teacher).

She was weeping. She was seeking. She didn't notice Him. He called her by name. 

In your weeping, in your seeking, He will be there - not always noticeable. Its in the weeping and the seeking that He will remind you of who you are and whose you are. 

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I'm the Most _______ Person I Know.

Two days ago, I was riding home from the office and had this most depressing realization: I'm the most selfish person that I know. 

Maybe you know this about me, maybe not. I often allow my best intentions to over shadow my worst inclinations. 

After coming to this realization - my selfish resolve - I chose to make a decision. What is that? 

Awareness of my sin. Awareness of my selfishness.  

If I can remain aware, I will remain humble and "prefer my brother".  Romans 12:10

What about you? If you were to fill in the blank in the title of this post, what would it say?  

Go ahead, fill in the blank and be aware.  

I am the most _________ person that I know.  

Leave a comment and share your "blank".

How do you overcome it? What passage of scripture makes you aware and empowers you to overcome your weakness? 

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