10 Reasons To Not Be A Pastor, pt. 1


Here is a confession: I was one of those guys who had no business trying to pastor a church or at least not the way I chose to do it. So, I wanted to list 10 reasons why you should NOT pastor a church.1. If you use the church as a financial base for your personal life. 2. If your church becomes a platform for your ego and self promotion. 3. If you are not impacting your local community for Christ on a regular basis. 4. If you are constantly having to raise money to pay for your building, electricity, car, housing allowance, water, garbage, etc. 5. If your idea of vision is "getting those people to do what you say". 6. If the turnover rate with attendees, staff, etc is a consistent problem based on poor leadership. 7. If you have seen no substantial spiritual or numerical growth in two years or more. (The church was created with multiplication in mind.) 8. If there are new church plants around you that are growing and succeeding. 9. If you refuse to partner with other leaders in your area because you would not be in charge or get recognition for the project 10. If you think your vision is THE vision for your area.

This is not about small churches. This is about small leaders.

Many small churches are important and needed in their communities. However, there are many "pop corn" churches that open for all the wrong reasons. Here are my recommendations and what one should initiate immediately: 1. Find a legitimate, active, caring church around you - REGARDLESS of size and partner with them. 2. Put your building up for sale to initiate the alleviation financial pressure. 3. Submit to a pastor, life coach, counselor, or whomever that can help refine your calling. 4. Humble yourself and pray for direction. 5. Release those precious sheep to a leader who can help them and heal them. 6. FInd a job and work like a normal human being. 7. Realize that the church has survived for 2000 without you. It will be alright in your absence. 8. Focus on your marriage and your children and personal development. 9. Get a budget for your new financial life. 10. Possibly go back to school. Online, or on campus. This will help define your calling or redefine your calling.

Do you know that it is ok to STOP doing the wrong thing?

The people that you are trying to lead will be thankful in the long run. They may be hurt and frustrated in the beginning, but they will appreciate the alleviated pressure. Let me ask you this again…

Do you understand that it is ok to STOP doing the wrong thing?

I stopped. I am happier for it. So is my wife. We are glad that our son will never have to experience that kind of church or leadership.

More on this tomorrow

Posted on July 25, 2011 and filed under Being Human, Confessions, Leading.