10 Reasons Why You Should Not Be A Pastor pt. 2


Yesterdays blog "10 Reasons Why You Should Not Be A Pastor" incited some strong feelings with many. Although this was never my intention, I am glad that there was some attention to the matter. It is an important and undiscussed issue. May I clarify a few things?

As I stated in yesterdays blog - I am not suggesting in any way that small churches are not legitimate or needed. They are. Period.

I merely used a reference to small churches who struggle DUE to a small leader who is functioning in the wrong capacity in ministry.

I am also not suggesting that a pastor who is in a season of struggle, dryness, or financial instability should quit the pastorate. Neither am I suggesting that this makes them illegitimate or unqualified as a leader. We all struggle. We all fail.

However, there are many men and women of whom I am aquatinted or know personally that need to reevaluate his or her call to the ministry. This is not an insult to you or the people of whom I speak, but a rescue statement.

If I see someone drowning, I am not going to let them drown even if they wanted to die. I am going in after them...to save them. To rescue them.



The same principle applies here: If I see an acquaintance, or a friend who is about to launch any type of ministry that he or she has no business attempting, I am going to step in and yell "DON'T DO IT, ITS NOT WIORTH IT"!  The same applies to anyone who is trying to pastor and has no call to do so. Why not stop the madness while you can?

My question is this: Do you not feel this same sense of responsibility?  Many of us started out with a pure zeal for God. Somehow that zeal got flipped upside down through all the politics, competition, ego, and identity crisis in ministry.

Part of the mission of Human Like You is to bring to light the lies that religion, people, or the enemy has placed on many lives. We just want you and others to be free from anything that stifles the call of God. This could even mean leaving your current ministry position to find the ONE thing in life that you are truly called to fulfill. 

Our team is here to help guide you. If you need to chat, please email us to initiate new possibilities. EMAIL

Posted on July 26, 2011 and filed under Being Human, Leading.