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Me, Amber, and Carson had a wonderful time on vacation with our great friends (Carson's god parents) Adam & Brianne Drinkard. Ohio is definitely not a normal place to vacation, but we had rather be with friends than on the beach by ourselves. While on this vacation I did NOTHING to enhance my spiritual life. This may be an odd statement, but I really just wanted to do nothing. But in reality, being with friends is a spiritual matter. We cannot and will not flee spiritual growth or death. We are going to succeed in one or the other.

Fortunately, I did not realize that I had been "set up" to grow. The Lord had something else in mind for this vacation.

Here are 3 positive things and three negative things that I learned about myself while on vacation.

I will begin with the positives for ego sake.

1+ I have an ability to make people laugh. This makes good for a ministry geared for leaders who are under a lot of stress. 2+ I love to give people whatever I have. 3+ Ok, maybe there are only two...

The Negatives:

1- I am overbearing with my opinions and need brokenness in this area. 2- It is hard for me to allow others to be right regardless of what is right or wrong. 3- There are times that I foster a climate of tension without knowing it.

ONE MORE? Since I did not have a third positive, I will make up for it and share one more negative

4- I only become the guy described above when I am around those to whom I feel superior.

While on vacation, I have made the decision to NOT-BE-THAT-GUY-ANYMORE. He started dying on the way back to Nashville.

Do you have some positives and negatives that you can immediately identify? If so, thats good. BUT, identifying them is the beginning. We must not merely identify potentially harmful characteristics, we must die to them.

Posted on June 21, 2011 and filed under Being Human, Confessions.