Can You Acknowledge This Truth?

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Have you ever approached God and said, "God I offer you all I have?" I have done this and still do.

However, it is one thing to offer God your heart, gifts, talents, and abilities for serving His purpose. It is altogether another act to attempt to try to help Him save you.

You can do nothing in the saving process - nothing. It is by His love and grace alone that you were even drawn to Him. And it is His love and grace that will keep you close to Him. There is no fleshly act, no mental decision, nor any other means by which you can be saved. It's solely on His effort on the Cross that brought you to God and will keep you close to Him.

Ed Young, Sr. says it best: "In order for grace to be at the center of who I am, I must acknowledge that have nothing to offer God."

Read it again…

If you are going to live in the freedom of grace, you are now at a place where you will be challenged to recognize that you have nothing to offer God. He offered it ALL to you so that you have to offer nothing for your salvation to Him.

Here is how I say it: "Grace cannot accommodate my efforts to be saved."

There is no room for you when it comes to working for salvation. His work has done it all. John 19:30 - He finished it so you don't have to.

Your hands are really empty when it comes to offering God any effort to be saved. Ephesians 2:8

Think on these truths today and learn grace.

Posted on April 30, 2013 .