Grace Killers

Image by Kasey Canode

Image by Kasey Canode

"Grace killers cannot be mildly ignored or kindly tolerated. You can no more allow legalism to continue than you could permit a rattlesnake to slip into your house and hide. Before long, somebody is going to get hurt." Chuck Swindoll

My childhood pastor, Eddie Brand sent this quote to me via Facebook. I am so glad he did.

Have you ever wondered what the implications of neglecting grace would be in your own life? Have you ever thought of neglecting grace to be like a rattlesnake in your home?

What about your friends that are full of legalism or deeply struggle with legalism? How do you approach them with the truth and conviction of grace?

Are they killing you with the venom of legalism, ridiculous rules, and man made regulations, etc.? ref. Col. 2:16-21

Here are 4 sure ways to spot a grace killer:

  1. The message of grace is offensive.
  2. They view grace as a means to sin, so they defend their legalistic views.
  3. They refuse to love people who struggle with life and/or sin.
  4. Their immediate response to sin or failure is judgement.

My advice? Remove the rattlesnakes from your life immediately. As Swindoll said, "Grace killers cannot be mildly ignored or kindly tolerated."

They are lying in wait to strike with the venom of legalism. No, they do not see why they are in bondage, but they are. Don't fall into the snake pit. Your life has had too big a price paid for your to live with snake bites.

Who is in your life that is killing you that you need to sever ties with now?

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