I'm the Most _______ Person I Know.

Two days ago, I was riding home from the office and had this most depressing realization: I'm the most selfish person that I know. 

Maybe you know this about me, maybe not. I often allow my best intentions to over shadow my worst inclinations. 

After coming to this realization - my selfish resolve - I chose to make a decision. What is that? 

Awareness of my sin. Awareness of my selfishness.  

If I can remain aware, I will remain humble and "prefer my brother".  Romans 12:10

What about you? If you were to fill in the blank in the title of this post, what would it say?  

Go ahead, fill in the blank and be aware.  

I am the most _________ person that I know.  

Leave a comment and share your "blank".

How do you overcome it? What passage of scripture makes you aware and empowers you to overcome your weakness? 

Posted on July 18, 2014 and filed under Being Human, Confessions, Musings.