Is Your Pain Greater Than Your Fear?

Image courtesy of ZigMag

Image courtesy of ZigMag

Fear keeps us isolated.
Fear keeps us still.
Fear keeps us paralyzed
Fear makes us hide.
Fear makes us believe the lies as opposed to the truth.
Fear leads with our insecurities.

Pain exposes.
Pain makes us move.
Pain forces us to believe the truth.
Pain confronts.
Pain leads with action.
Pain leads to change.

If your fear is greater than your pain in any situation, you will make no change and you will hide.

It is not until your pain is greater than your fear that you will decide to make a change.

Many people will have a pain somewhere in their body, but fear of what could be wrong keeps them at home and away from the doctor.  It is not until that pain is greater than their fear that they will actually go to the doctor.

About 2 years ago I had a pain in my gut.  I can't say I was really fearful as much as I just didn't believe anything was wrong. It wasn't until the pain was so great, and a phone call with a friend that I actually had the courage to go to the hospital.  Appendicitis was the problem. Within 12 hours my appendix was removed.

I can recount many stories in my own life where Pain & Fear are linked.  I can recount many stories of talking with friends and co-workers where Pain & Fear are linked.

I am so thankful for this short teaching from my friend and mentor, Brian Dishon. This reminded me of the time frame in which I decided to leave an old, washed up, and worn out system of ministry. I was terrified of the relationships I would lose, the people who would be disappointed, and the questions that would be asked about me.

However, the pain that I felt by staying in the mess moved me out of the mess - regardless of my fear. My fears begin to pale in comparison to my internal pain.

What about you? Has your pain become superior to your fear? If not, you will stay in the mess. But hear me - there will come a time when your pain will move you past where your fear cannot.

So I ask you the same question Brian asked all of us pastors: Today, what is linked to Pain & Fear in a situation in your life and how are you going to address the pain?

Brian Dishon is the multi-site director at Cross Point Community Church, Nashville, TN. Please follow Brian on Twitter.


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Posted on June 5, 2013 and filed under Being Human, Confessions, Musings.