Revisiting & Resetting Your Vision

You and I both know that vision for life, ministry, etc. can be cumbersome at times. We also know that not everyone cares about our vision as much as the one who has the vision. Nobody cares like you when it comes to what’s in your heart. 

Do you ever find yourself getting humdrum about your own vision? Does it ever feel like stagnated water? 

This month, I am participating in an online support group for visionaries. Each day we have a goal to accomplish for the sake of our vision. Day 8 and Day 12 of this challenge became an inconvenience for me. My vision/goal, which is to write specific content for a book project is beginning to feel stagnant. Why? Well, if you have ever written a book, it takes a long time. Writing can become overwhelmingly tedious and tough. 

But here is what I have found out: Vision has to be reset and revisited to keep it real.  

Others will lose momentum participating in your vision if you are not consistently resetting and revisiting all that is in your heart and mind. You too can lose focus without resetting and revisiting vision. 

So, if you are feeling stagnant, if you anticipate a loss of momentum, or you if need to clarify again your vision, then take time to reset and revisit all that is in your heart. 

Here are a few ways to reset and revisit to keep it a reality:

  • Tell someone your vision that has never heard heard it. Telling someone new can rekindle the vision within you. 
  • Strip out all the unnecessary clutter. Yes, we can muddy God’s clear water with our added ideas. 
  • Have someone else speak into your vision and offer direction. 
  • Start from scratch and rewrite. Sometimes you’ve just got to punt. 
  • Let it die. That’s right - sometimes things have to do die in order for us to see a resurrection later. 

How do you reset and revisit your vision in order to keep it your reality? 


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Posted on March 12, 2014 and filed under Pastor, Church, Musings, Leading.