Image Courtesy of Huffington Post

Image Courtesy of Huffington Post

Jesus asked this question in the gospel of Mark:

Is anything worth more than your soul? Mark 8:37 (NLT)

We often relegate this passage to a salvation experience. However, the souls value is apparently of great value in Gods eyes, not just to be saved, but to be cared for by the individual.

My question for you today is this: How are you caring for your soul?

  • Do you Sabbath (rest) properly?
  • What about scripture intake?
  • Do you set aside time for solitude/quiet?
  • Do you ever fast?
  • What about taking communion?
  • What about meditation on Him and His Word?
  • Do you have or cultivate healthy relationships?

Please don't view the above bullet points as a legalistic list, this is not my intention. However, there does need to be intentionality in spiritual disciplines. There is no such thing as happenstance when it comes to spiritual rhythms or disciplines.

What are some of your rhythms for a healthy soul? Share with me.


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Posted on February 27, 2014 and filed under Being Human, Grace, Musings.