Shiny or Bright?

When you are young, your heroes tend to be the shiniest. 

When you get older, your heroes tend to be the brightest. 

I remember when I was a junior high boy and was very impressionable. Most young guys were wowed by athletes or singer/musicians. Not me. 

I had a weird obsessions with televangelists. That's right, TV Preachers. Why? I wanted to be one. Just like others wanted to be like Jordan or the Back Street Boys, I wanted to be on TBN doing my thing. 

I had concocted in my mind that my life would be fulfilled if I could just make it on the Christian version of the lifestyles of the rich and famous. ;) 

Little did I know that many of the people that I lawded were simply "shiny", polished TV personalities that used Jesus' name to raise money. Are all on Christian television this way? Absolutely not. After interacting with many of them, they are very genuine people who are kind, generous, and compassionate. 

I wasn't interested in their humility, I was interested in their ability to shine. I wanted to learn how to do this. 

But as I have gotten older, I have learned this one thing: I need people in my life who are bright, not shiny. 

I need people in my life who are bright with the light of Christ. Shininess wears dull after a while. Then one has to learn how to become shiny again. The upkeep for shiny people is exhausting. Trust me, I have had to keep up the shininess before. 

Shining bright with the Light of Christ is altogether different. For you and I, our hearts should lean to be the brightest, not the shiniest. The world needs His light, not our shine. 

As one preacher has said, "We have so many shiny stars in the church we can't even see Jesus."

I don't want to be the shiny one, I want to be the bright one. How about you? Shiny or bright?


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Posted on March 17, 2014 and filed under Musings.