5 Nobodies That Changed My Life pt. 4

Image Created By Matt Wade

When I was 19 years old I met a man who would forever impact the way that I do ministry. Louis Jones has been in my life in a very formal way for many years. We met in Anniston, AL in 1999.

I have traveled a great deal with Bishop Jones over the years. We have spent more time together praying than with anyone I know as it relates to preachers. He is good man with a heart from Jesus - like no other I have never known.

However, Louis has taught me some of the most fundamental principles of excellence that I still practice today in my everyday life and ministry. I want to share a couple of thoughts with you or instances where his example has impacted my present way of living.

First, whether we were in a hotel room or someones home we would always make the bed and clean up after ourselves. You have to understand that the ministry hosts often want to be able to serve you hand and foot. However, Louis taught me that we are not to be served, but we are here to serve. So, many times we would cook, clean, and serve the hosts.

Image Courtesy of the Jones Family

We never went into an airport bathroom and left the sink counters covered in water. We would never leave our hotel room in a mess. Our clothes may not have been expensive, but they were certainly not wrinkled.

Excellence permeated everything Louis touched. There may be many things that he wanted to teach me while we worked together, but the one thing that sticks with me today is his passion for excellence.

It doesn't have to be perfect, but it always has to be excellent.

So my challenge to you today is this: Iron your clothes, wipe off the counter, clean up your table, don't leave the hotel room a mess, keep your car tidy, and live excellent.

Louis Jones may not be a household name and he may not be famous,  but he is known in our house in a special way.

Thanks for giving your life to us Bishop. 

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