10 Things I Like, 10 Things I Dislike

I enjoy reading things about people who I have never met. Particularly when they write about things that they enjoy or that for which they do not care. So, I wanted to share with my readers 10 things I like and 10 things I dislike. I hope you enjoy my lists. I like lists. I dislike long, drawn out blogs. Wait, we are not to that part yet.

Image by wordans

Here we go, in no particular order.

My likes:

  1. I like drinking coffee in silence with the same cup each day.
  2. I like the way freshly cut grass smells.
  3. I like presidential things.
  4. I like shallow streams and rivers.
  5. I like watching the shows Friends and Andy Griffith - a lot.
  6. I like anything Apple Inc. creates - whether I need it or not.
  7. I like watching my son sleep.
  8. I like writing while listening to Explosions in the Sky
  9. I like my church and pastor.
  10. I like attending Drum Corp Intl. events. I go every year.

My dislikes:

  1. I dislike that my wife dislikes Andy Griffith.
  2. I dislike religion and politics even though I believe in Jesus and America.
  3. I dislike that some churches/people often make gay people feel awful and alienated.
  4. I dislike how people use FB & Twitter to wound others.
  5. I dislike Microsoft products although I have to use some of them.
  6. I dislike politics. Have I mentioned this already? Sorry.
  7. I dislike churches/people who place undue pressure on pastors to be perfect and refuse to accept and embrace the humanity of their leader when they expect their leaders to love them as they are.
  8. I dislike spicy food that burns my mouth.
  9. I dislike when people are late to anything. (e.g. church, coffee, meeting, etc.)
  10. I dislike condemnation, guilt, judgement, or the likes from anything considered Christian.

Discuss Question: If you had a list, would you share it with us all? Please do in the comment section of this blog.